Washington, DC

Washington, DC April 2-15


Alan Fraser's first visit to the DC area

Last year a new participant attended our flagship institute in Bezanson Hall at the University of Massachusetts. It was Marjorie Lee, a Washington area piano teacher who had been a laureate of the William Kapell Competition and who has turned out an impressive number of pianists who have gone on to study at Juilliard, Curtis, Peabody and other well-known university music schools. Marjorie had been reading Alan Fraser's books for years and applying the ideas in her pedagogical work, but felt it was time to assess how well she was doing. She brought several of her students with her, and this transformed the institute. As Fraser worked with her students, the application of ideas she was familiar with took on new possibilities. She also played for Fraser herself, and simultaneously wowed the institute with her artistry and took her playing to a new level.

Marjorie was so impressed with the whole experience that she has arranged for Alan Fraser to visit the DC area for two weeks in April 2018. This will not be an institute in the classic sense, but a series of events designed to introduce Fraser to local pianists and them to him.

Events that have been scheduled so far include:

  • April 5 - James Madison University Music School (10:30 am - 12 noon). Venue to be announced.
  • April 10 - Madison County Music Teachers' Association (10:30 am - 12 noon). Venue to be announced.
  • April 12 - Washington Music Teachers' Association (10:30 am - 12 noon). Venue to be announced.

    There will also be several full days' teaching at the Marjorie Lee Studio.




    Canadian pianist Alan Fraser gives master classes and recitals worldwide and conducts ongoing research and refinement on the ideas put forth in his three books, The Craft of Piano Playing (also in DVD), Honing the Pianistic Self-Image, and All Thumbs: Well-Coordinated Piano Technique. He is at work on several new volumes. Visit here for more on Alan Fraser.

       Alan hopes to attend Easter service here - one of the percs of
    teaching in Washington during Easter holidays


    Marjorie Lee has been a driving force for piano pedagogy in the DC area for several decades. Her studio has produced countless eminently capable pianists both amateur and professional, and she herself still maintains an active stage career.

    Marjorie Lee
    505 Park Street Northeast
    Vienna, VA. 22180
    (703) 938-3431

    The Marjorie Lee Piano Studios