Berlin, Germany

Berlin, November 9-11 2018


Alan Fraser is happy to return to Berlin, one of Europe's principal musical centers, for a third stimulating institute. The venue for this institute is a private home with a fine concert Fazioli grand piano. Practice facilities will be arranged at one of the local piano stores. Participants register for three days during which they will have two lessons. Participants who wish to have a lesson every day may reserve a third lesson with the organizers.

Berlin Participants
   Berlin Institute #1 - August 2016


This typical schedule will be modified according to the makeup and needs of the group.

8:45-11:15 3 Lessons
11:15-12:15 Group ATM (Please bring your own yoga mat or blanket for this class.)
12:15-1:45 Lunch
1:45-4:15 3 Lessons
4:15-5:00 Coffee - Seminar
5:00-6:40 2 Lessons
7:00 Evening Meal & Chill Out

Friday Coffee & Reception 8:15 am
Modified Daily Schedule from 8:45 am
The opening seminar will begin at 8:45 (topic: The Anti-Gravity Function & Biotensegrity)
All other events 1 hour later than indicated in the daily schedule.
Saturday Daily Schedule (seminar: Rotation - I Pass & Do Not Pass My Thumb Under)
Sunday Modified Daily Schedule (seminar: Musical Aesthetics, Phrasing & The Physical)
Student Recital (Optional Participation) 8 p.m.



The Institute will take place at
Bayerische Str. 8
10707 Berlin

Click here for travelling directions to the Klaus Heinz Residence which is in southwest Berlin betweeen the Konstanzer Strasse and Adenauerplatz U-Bahn stations on the U7 line.

Please note that the number 8 on the front of the apartment building is virtually invisible. People have been known to walk right by it several times before finally figuring out where the address is.



There are many hotels in Berlin, all easily available at


There are many restaurants within walking distance of the studio.

Berlin Restaurant
   Berlin - Neighbourhood Restaurant



The active participation fee covers TWO individual lessons, daily group ATM lesson, daily seminar lecture, and observation of all other lessons. Auditors participate fully but receive no individual lessons. Extra lessons may be booked with the organizers if so desired.


In the tables below, when you scroll over a price it changes colour. Click on your preferred option to pay by credit card or PayPal at, our retail partner. Note that the credit card charge will appear on your statement as "," not as "The Alan Fraser Piano Institute."

Please note that due to new 2CO regulations, ALL PRICES ARE LISTED IN U.S. DOLLARS. You may change your payment currency at checkout.

OPTION 1: Online Deposit

Register with a non-refundable deposit.

Berlin 2018 Pay Deposit
Berlin 2018 Deposit $100

OPTION 2: Register Online

Participation Pay in Full
Full Active $275
Active per day $120
Full Audit $75
Audit per day $28

OPTION 3: Online Discounts

10 % EARLY BIRD & SENIORS DISCOUNT - for seniors age 65 and over; also anyone under 65 who registers by June 1.

Berlin 2018 Full Active 10% off $247.50
Berlin 2018 Active one day 10% off $91
Berlin 2018 Full Audit 10% off $67.50
Berlin 2018 Audit one day 10% off $25.20

25% STUDENT DISCOUNT - for students up to age 25.

STUDENT Pay in Full
Berlin 2018 Full Active 25% off $206.25
Berlin 2018 Active one day 25% off $96
Berlin 2018 Full Audit 25% off $56.25
Berlin 2018 Audit one day 25% off $21

OPTION 4: Contact us for further registration options

For other options please contact Matt Rubenstein to reserve your place. Matt will answer all your questions and arrange your preferred payment option and/or partial scholarship.

Fees for the Alan Fraser Piano Institute cover venue rental costs, travel costs, administration and website costs as well as Professor Fraser's teaching fees. Accommodation fees are paid separately.



After registration, please come back to fill out this PARTICIPANT INFORMATION FORM.

After you have completed your institute, please come back to fill out this FOLLOWUP QUESTIONNAIRE. This helps evaluate your experience, tailor your ongoing regime to facilitate further progress, and fine-tune the institute structure to better meet your needs.




Canadian pianist Alan Fraser gives master classes and recitals worldwide and conducts ongoing research and refinement on the ideas put forth in his three books, The Craft of Piano Playing (also in DVD), Honing the Pianistic Self-Image, and All Thumbs: Well-Coordinated Piano Technique. He is at work on several new volumes. Visit here for more on Alan Fraser.

If you have concerns or questions about your participation in the institute and would like to address them directly to Alan Fraser, send him an email.


Pianist and pedagogue Matt Rubenstein is an American pianist and teacher who has been active in the Berlin clasical music scene for many years and has recorded several acclained CD's of new piano music. He teaches piano privately in Berlin and is the organizer of the Berlin Alan Fraser Piano Institute.

Matt & Alan
   Alan Fraser & Matt Rubenstein

Contact Matt Rubenstein.