New York, NY

New York - Dec 6-8, 13-15


Alan Fraser is bringing his uniquely empowering approach to piano technique to New York City this fall with two 3-day mini-institutes. These lessons, lectures and Feldenkrais classes guarantee a breakthrough in your technique.

Many relatively inexperienced pianists hesitate to attend an institute, feeling they are not good enough or not well-enough prepared. However, we are all here to learn, and this approach can help all of us, no matter how well-prepared or ill-prepared our program. Thus the Institute really is OPEN TO ALL INTERESTED PIANISTS:

  • students who wish to improve their sound and agility
  • amateurs who wish to feel more in command of the instrument
  • teachers who want new ways of teaching technique to their students
  • professionals who wish to hone their skills to the highest possible level.

There is no limit to improvement!

St Johns
   A leeson in Strasbourg, France
  • The Friday evening lecture/demonstration offers pianists with no previous institute experience a chance to familiarize themselves with Professor Fraser's approach. Open to both the general public and registered participants. The mini-lessons will be given to members of the public chosen by lot.
  • Saturday & Sunday feature daily piano lessons with Alan, a daily group Feldenkrais lesson and daily lecture on piano technique. Open to registered participants only.
  • Through the intervening week there will be opportunities for private lessons.

Institute enrollment is limited to 12 active participants who will each receive two half hour lessons, one on Saturday & one on Sunday. These 12 are welcome on Friday evening free of charge. Due to space limitations there will be only a few auditors Saturday & Sunday. Alan will be available for private lessons in the evenings following the Institute and every day and evening through the week for those who are unable to attend or who prefer privacy.


The half hour lesson format is designed to give maximum benefit to a maximum nuber of participants. On Saturday Alan will zero in on the principle concerns of each participant and establish a clear line of work. Sunday's lessons will be devoted to refining the initial approximation and addressing any further issues. Participants will benefit from seeing how many technical problems we have in common, and how many ingenious solutions, tailored to each person's unique pianism, are possible.

Friday Evening 7:00 pm - Introductory Lecture
7:45 pm - Three 15-minute mini-lessons
8:30 pm - Mini Awareness Through Movement lesson
9:15 pm - Two 15-minute mini-lessons
9:45 pm - Closing Q & A
Saturday Daily Schedule - Full Activities
Lecture - The Arches of the Hand: From Static to Moving
Sunday Daily Schedule - Full Activities
Lecture - Neutralizing Weight to Maximize Its Effect

Monday thru Friday Private lessons by appointment

Friday Evening 7:00 pm - Introductory Lecture
7:45 pm - Three 15-minute mini-lessons
8:30 pm - Mini Awareness Through Movement lesson
9:15 pm - Two 15-minute mini-lessons
9:45 pm - Closing Q & A
Saturday Daily Schedule - Full Activities
Lecture - The Thumb & Rotation
Sunday Daily Schedule - Full Activities
Lecture - Expressively Directed Micro-Timing: A New Musical Aesthetic

10-11 Lecture - BYOC (Bring your own coffee)
11-1 4 Lessons
1-2 Lunch
2-4 4 lessons
4-5 Group Movement Lesson
5-7 4 lessons
7-7:15 Q & A, Wrapup

St Johns
   Franco-Japanese artistry: Alan Fraser with Adrien Schmitt in Montréal, France



The Friday evening introductory lectures will be held at Shetler Studios & Theatres, located on the 12th floor at

244 West 54th Street
New York, NY 10019

Get directions with this Google Map. The nearest subway station is the 1, 2 & 3 lines at 50th..

The Saturday & Sunday sessions will be held at a location in midtown Manhattan near 101st and Broadway. Travel instructions will be given when you register.



For discounted accommodations, you may want to check out or



We offer full online registration. Click on the appropriate price below to be taken to our retail partner, where your payment will be processed by PayPal or credit card. If you have any special registration needs, or encounter any problem, please don't hesitate to email our stalwart organizer, Saleena .


Attend a Friday evening lecture and you may receive a 15-minute mini-lesson with Alan Fraser: five guests will be chosen by lot at the beginning of the evening. Preference will be given to those who are not yet registered for the weekend Institute. Registration for any remaining places in the weekend institutes can be made at the end of the evening.

          To register online click on the appropriate $ amount.

Register for an Intro Evening All Tickets
New York 2019 Friday Evening December 6 $10
New York 2019 Friday Evening December 13 $10


Registration for active participation in one weekend institute covers two half hour lessons, two group movement lessons, two seminar lectures, and observation of all other lessons. Auditors participate in all activities but receive no individual lessons.

Check whether you qualify for a seniors (age 65 and over) or student (age 25 and under) discount.

Certificates and receipts are given upon request.

          To register online click on the appropriate $ amount.

Weekend One - December 6-8 Full Fee Senior Rate Student Rate
New York 2019 Weekend One, Full Active $185 $165 $140
New York 2019 Weekend One, Full Audit $75 $67 $57

          To register online click on the appropriate $ amount.

Weekend Two - December 13-15 Full Fee Senior Rate Student Rate
New York 2019 Weekend Two, Full Active $185 $165 $140
New York 2019 Weekend Two, Full Audit $75 $67 $57

          To register online click on the appropriate $ amount.

Both Weekends - December 6-8, 13-15 Full Fee Senior Rate Student Rate
New York 2019 Both Weekends, Full Active $360 $325 $275
New York 2019 Both Weekends Full Audit $145 $125 $100


Book private lessons using the table below. Alan will be available at the following times:

  • Sat & Sun Weekend One from 8-10 pm
  • Mon-Thurs from 9 am to 10 pm
  • Fri 9 am-5 pm
  • Sat & Sun Weekend Two from 8-10 pm
When booking private lessons, please fill in the DETAILED PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION FORM, indicating your preferred dates and lesson times.

          To schedule a private lesson online, click on the appropriate $ amount.

Private Lessons Full Rate Seniors Rate Students Rate
New York 2019 One Individual Lesson $150 $140 $125
New York 2019 Two Individual Lessons $295 $275 $245
New York 2019 Three Individual Lessons $440 $420 $370
New York 2019 Four Individual Lessons $585 $545 $485

St Johns
   Virtuosity at Any Age - in Montreal, Canada



After registering, please return here to fill out the DETAILED PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION FORM...

... and after you have completed your institute, please come back to fill out this FOLLOWUP QUESTIONNAIRE. This helps evaluate your experience, tailor your ongoing regime to facilitate further progress, and fine-tune the institute structure to better meet your needs.




Canadian pianist Alan Fraser gives master classes and recitals worldwide and conducts ongoing research and refinement on the ideas put forth in his three books, The Craft of Piano Playing (also in DVD), Honing the Pianistic Self-Image, and All Thumbs: Well-Coordinated Piano Technique. He is at work on several new volumes.

If you have concerns or questions about your participation in the institute and would like to address them directly to Alan Fraser, send him an email.


Saleena worked in the business world for many years; however her first love has always been music. She studied piano as a child and again in college; then after a lengthy hiatus came back to the piano, tried out different teachers, and eventually happened upon Alan on YouTube. By a remarkable coincidence, she discovered that her wonderful New York City Feldenkrais practitioner, Scott Fraser, was none other than Alan’s brother!

Saleena's lessons with Alan led to striking and immediate progress, and she feels that she has found what is, for her, the ideal teacher. She is also is an avid voice buff, serving both as vocal soloist and Music Director at a small church in Harlem. She has played at this and various other churches in the NYC area, and performs regularly at several NYC piano meetup groups.

For questions about the Institute, please email Saleena

Cancellation Policy

If you must cancel your registration, reimbursement will be as follows:
Cancellations before September 1: 100% reimbursement.
Cancellations before October 1: 75% reimbursement.
Cancellations before November 1: 50% reimbursement.
Cancellations before November 18: 25% reimbursement.
Cancellations after November 18: no reimbursement unless except in cases of doctor-certified illness or acts of God.
We reserve the right to cancel the institute due to insufficient enrolment; in this eventuality all resgistration fees will be fully refunded.