Awareness Through Movement

Typical Daily Piano Institute Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement™ Lessons

  • Differentiating the fingers' skeletal structure by letting gravity mash the hand into the floor.
  • Differentiating the shoulder by sliding one hand along the other arm keeping both arms straight.
  • Differentiating the clavicle, an unusual bone that is a part of the arm but proximal to the shoulder. The movement of the clavicle is severely limited in many pianists, as is the movement of the thumb metacarpal.
  • Differentiating the sternum by increasing its ability to fold inwards. As the clavicle inserts into the sternum, this empowers the link between arm and pelvis.
  • Linking finger, shoulder, clavicle, sternum and pelvis by reaching for the ceiling as the leg pushes to rock the body up onto its side (see header/footer illustration).
  • Linking individual vertebrae to finger differentiation movements by raising the pelvis little by little, sensing the contact of each individual vertebra with the floor, while the arms supinate and pronate.
  • Evoking a profound relaxation and reorganization of the spine with the 'Musical Pelvic Clock,' which rocks the pelvis gently to the 12 hours of a clock face. At the end of the lesson, many participants report more of their spine in contact with the floor than ever before. The Instititute version of this most classic Feldenkrais lesson replaces the 12 hours of the clock with the 12 notes of the chromatic scale, leading to the formation of Institute Musical Pelvic Clock Orchestras.
  • Integrating supple torso movements into the actions of the arms and hands on the keyboard using the 3 cardinal directions of movement in sitting (flexion/extension; side bending and rotation), and bringing the pelvic clock movements to sitting.
  • The sensations and kinesthetic learning in the ATMs translate directly to the Institute's work at the piano, making it much easier for the hand to transform its physical, artistic and emotional relationship to the keyboard.

    * Please note that the term "ATM" was coined by Moshe long before Automatic Teller Machines had been invented.