Institute Graduates

Distinguished Institute Alumni

Institute graduates put their new abilities to good use, and the number of competition winners passing through Alan Fraser's hands is steadily increasing.


Michael Cheung attended the Paris April 2015 institute. In a remarkably short time he added a dimension of power and emotional subtlety to his playing that allowed him to do well in three competitions later the same year.

He was the unanimous choice for first prize at the Boston Amateur Piano Competition in June, picked up no fewer than 5 first prizes at the Washington DC Amateur Piano Competion in July, and finally came second in the Chopin Amateur Piano Competition in Warsaw, Poland in October.

Here is Michael in Boston:

Rachmaninoff: Prelude in B flat Major, Op. 23 #2
• Messaien: Vingt Regards sur l'enfant Jesus


South African pianist Jan Hugo has also attended several Paris institutes beginning in 2016. This performance was given before he began working with Alan Fraser.

Rachamninoff: Etude Tableau in F sharp minor Op 39 #3


Remon Holsbergen has studied with Alan Fraser since 2015 when he came to the Overveen institute. Here we see him accompanying the fine Dutch cellist Melle de Vries.

Shostakovitch: Cello Sonata - 4th movement


Another Dutch pianist, Rene Maurer has an active teaching and performing career. He has been working with Alan Fraser since 2012 when he attended the first Overveen institute. Here he appears with violinist Samuel Tamarit Otero.

Franck: Violin Sonata
• De Falla: 7 Songs
• Schnittke: Suite in the Old Style

Aurelien Boccard

Aurelien Bocdard hails from Geneva, Switzerland and lives in Kansas where he is completing his doctoral studies. He has attended the Salt Lake City institute for a number of years. He won a in 2015. National Collaborative Pianist award

Ravel: Concerto for the Left Hand


Peter Lehmann is from Concord NH, and now attends the Berkley School of Music in Boston. He has attended several institutes, beginning in 2011. This is from a performance at the Concord Community Music School, 2014:

Chopin: Ballade #4 in F minor, Op. 52


In addition to the many classical pianists Alan Fraser works with, some jazz pianists attend the Institute. We've given them their own special page, Jazz at the Institute.