Pulse Patterning

Aschbrenner & Pulse Patterning

The Feldenkrais Pelvic Clock applied at the piano

Charles Aschbrenner
   Charles Aschbrenner

The late Michigan pianist and Dalcroze instructor Charles Aschbrenner made a fascinating study of Feldenkrais and Dalcroze, applying them to piano performance in a practical way that gives immediate results. Charles discovered that when the pelvis remains immobile, the playing is wooden, and when the pelvis is subtly responsive to the movements of the hand on key, the music becomes colourful, sensitive, expressive and rhythmically vital.

Charles codified this involvement of the pelvis in an approach called Pulse Patterning. His systematic series of exercises frees the pelvis to be fully moveable and responsive, bringing a lithe elasticity to the entire torso and making scintillating musicianship a remarakably easy affair. Alan Fraser writes about Charles' work in his fourth book, Play the Piano with Your Whole Self, and you can also find out more about it on these Pulse Patterning Pages.