Ahun, France

Ahun, Creuse, France


Scheduled just before la rentrée for the 2024-25 school year, this institute takes place at Wienerissimo, a wonderful 17th century mansion in Ahun, a medieval town in central France easily accessible by rail or car. Participants will gather for Awareness Through Movement (ATM) lessons, Awareness Through Piano Movement (ATPM) lessons, individual technique & repertoire lessons, and to relax playing 4-, 6-, and even 8-hands music selected from our hostess Elisa Weiner's extensive library in the evenings. There will be lively discussion of all aspects of the institute, and indeed of piano playing in general at Elisa's table, famed for her haute cuisine. All meals are taken en groupe.

You will love life at Wienerissimo , an elegant musician's retreat situated in a medieval town filled with ancient churches, with practice pianos scattered throughout the house.

Ahun Salle a diner
Ahun - The Dining Room


Are you hesitant to attend? Feel you are not advanced enough? Not well-enough prepared? Don't worry; Alan welcomes you no matter what your ability, no matter what the state of your program. The Institute really is open to all interested pianists:

  • students who wish to improve their sound and agility
  • adult amateurs who wish to feel more in command of the instrument
  • teachers who want new ways of teaching technique to their students
  • professionals who wish to hone their skills to the highest possible level.

There is no limit to improvement!

Alan Fraser teaches in French or English as you prefer.

Ahun Salle a diner
Ahun - 2023 Graduates


This schedule may be modified according to the needs of the group.

8:00-9:00 Breakfast
9:00-10:40 2 lessons
10:40-12:00 Group Awareness Through Movement (ATM)™ lesson
(If possible, please bring your own yoga mat or blanket for this class.)
12:00-12:50 1 lesson
13:00-15:00 Lunch; siesta
15:00-16:40 2 lessons
16:40-17:30 Lecture - ATPM lesson
17:30-19:10 2 lessons
20:00 Evening meal
21:00-? 4, 6 and 8-hands music in the Salon... or Table Football downstairs

The seminar-ATPM format is new. Alan will begin by lecturing on a topic, then field some questions about the material, and then create an Awareness Through Piano Movement lesson that grows out of that lecture's focus.

Lessons are 45 minutes with a few minutes at the end for Q & A, and a short break. You are free to observe the lessons for the entire day, or take a break to do a little bit of practicing or just rest. All sessions are videotaped and offered free of charge to participants for future reference.

Sunday evening 18:00: Opening session - round table
20:00: Dinner
Monday Standard daily schedule
ATPM: Floating the Arm and Smooshing the Hand
Tuesday Standard daily schedule
ATPM: Stand & Oppose the Thumb
Wednesday Standard daily schedule
ATPM: From Walking to Running
Thursday Standard daily schedule
ATPM: Rotating & Leaping
Friday Abbreviated daily schedule
ATPM: Join the Hand to Your Whole Self
20:00 Closing Recital (Optional Participation)
Saturday morning 9:00: Breakfast one hour later than unsual
10:00: Closing session, concert debriefing & farewell

In addition to Institute participants, the concert is generally attended by a small group of the local villagers, music lovers who are more wont to enjoy than criticize. It's not so much a concert performance as a chance to try out the new techniques you've been investigating all week, a chance to spread your wings for the first time among friends.

Ahun den
   Ahun - The Den





    The train from Paris Austerlitz to La Souterraine takes under 3 hours; from there take a bus directly to Ahun, unless we can arrange to pick you up by car.

  • La Souterraine
  • Bus, La Souterraiane-Ahun

From the Ahun bus stop it is just a few minutes' walk to:

    Association Le Salon de musique-Wienerissimo
    13, place du Dr Coudère
    23150 Ahun
    Téléphone : (Élisa Wiener, présidente fondatrice)

Ahun salon
Ahun - The Salon



All participants live in residence at Wienerissimo, with full board. Elisa has generously offered us all the student rate, making the cost very reasonable. For overflow participants, there is a cottage at our disposal, as well as several bed & breakfasts nearby.

Wienerissimo offers three levels of lodging quality:

  • Shared room with twin beds at €80 per person per night, meals and refreshements included
  • Private rooms at €90 per person per night, meals and refreshements included
  • Private room at Gîte de Bertau at €90 a night, meals and refreshements included chez Elisa

Please contact Christophe Rind to reserve your room and discuss your lodging needs.

Lodging and meal fees are paid directly to Wienerissimo on site; they are separate from and in addition to the Institute registration fee.

Ahun bedroom
   Ahun - Bedroom


Elisa's establishment offers us all meals:

  • continental breakfast
  • full lunch
  • full supper
  • coffee, tea, biscuits and fruit throughout the day.

Ahun Repas
   Ahun - Refreshments



  • Active participants have a daily individual lesson, daily group ATM and ATPM lessons, daily seminar lectures, and observe all other lessons.
  • Passive participants take part fully in all activities but receive no individual lesson.


To combine active and passive registrations, hit the back button on your browser to add another purchase item during the same payment procedure. For instance, if you want to attend for five days but only have three individual lessons, purchase three Active Participant days and two Passive Participant days for a total of five.

Click on your preferred option below to pay by credit card at our retail partner, Stripe.com.

Participation 1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days
Active participant $157 $308 $457 $598 $747
Passive participant $45 $90 $132 $172 $210

After registering, please return here to fill out the REGISTRATION QUESTIONNAIRE.

Montreal Participants
   Ahun - Ancient Wooden Sculptures in Church




Canadian pianist Alan Fraser gives master classes and recitals worldwide and conducts ongoing research and refinement on the ideas put forth in his books on piano technique:

He is at work on several new volumes. Visit here for more on Alan Fraser.

If you have concerns or questions about your participation in the institute and would like to address them directly to Alan Fraser, send him an email.


Elisa Wiener is an excellent classical pianist who had a long and influential career in France as a teacher and Conservatoire director. She has known many of France's most eminent pianists, singers, instrumental musicians, actors, poets and painters, and is a treasure trove of stories about, and insights into, France's unique culture of a certain epoch. We often spend evenings playing piano four hands, six hands or even eight hands with Elisa, digging into her vast collection of pianistic memorabilia.


Visit the medieval lanes and byways of AHUN, a 13th century village with its special charm and churches dating from the 13th-16th centuries. This village feels as if it has been untouched by time, and Elisa with her insights into 20th century pianism combined with a wonderful elan in the kitchen, offers unbeatable hospitality.

Canopy bed
   Wienerissimo Bedroom

Cancellation Policy

If you must cancel your registration, reimbursement will be as follows:
Cancellations more than two months before Institute opening date: 100% reimbursement.
Cancellations more than one month before Institute opening date: 75% reimbursement.
Cancellations more than two weeks before Institute opening date: 50% reimbursement.
Cancellations more than one week before Institute opening date: 25% reimbursement.
Cancellations less than one week before Institute opening date: no reimbursement except in cases of doctor-certified illness or acts of God.
We reserve the right to cancel the institute due to insufficient enrolment; in this event, all registration fees are fully refundable.