PIANIMALS: Alan Fraser's children's piano method.


A developomental approach

In the first years of life we learn to stand, walk, run and jump.
Pianimals gives the beginning pianist's hand the same developmental experience.
The Feldenkrais-style exercises empower children in their very first steps at the piano.

For grownups too

These exercises are a great remedial experience for any pianist...
and the compositions are fun to play for both pupil and teacher.


        A complete set of pedagogical materials including the...

Pupils' Method Book: Volumes I & II

Teachers' Manual: with exercises and explanations on how to apply them in the pieces

Pianimals Pointers: a small notebook with quick descriptions of the key exercises - a handy tool for the studio teacher.

The Pianimals Playbook: Secundo on the left page, Primo on the right, all the compositions in one performance volume; thumbnail illustrations only.

Fraser Piano Institute

Each piece has its own animal who plays the piano in its own unique way...

... and Lucky the Cat is always there keeping an eye on things...
Author Alan Fraser appears as Elegant Alionus!

Pianimals Tutorial Videos: Watch the tutorials to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly.

Pianimals Pointers Tutorials

Teachers Manual Tutorials

Pianimals Performances - each composition played in its entirety (still in production)

Teacher Training - in depth analysis of each exercise (still in production)