November 1-6


The dates for the 2022 Munich Institutehave been confirmed! We look forward to seeing you at this institute held in the beer capital of Europe. Register for our newsletter to receive logistical updates.

This Piano Somatics Institute takes place at the Artetonal Schüle für Musik. There are ample practice facilities on site. Alan teaches in English & French, and German & Spanish translation will be available. This institute is organized by Mario de la Vega, a longtime student of Alan who has just completed a Felenkrais Practitioner professional training program as well as his Piano Somatics Practitioner Certification.

The Recital/Teaching space


Are you hesitant to attend? Feel you are not advanced enough? Not well-enough prepared? Don't worry; Alan welcomes all, no matter what your ability, no matter what the state of your program. The Institute really is open to all interested pianists:

  • students who wish to improve their sound and agility
  • adult amateurs who wish to feel more in command of the instrument
  • teachers who want new ways of teaching technique to their students
  • professionals who wish to hone their skills to the highest possible level.

He also welcomes instrumentalists and vocalists, who find that their sound, their agility and their sense of ease and freedom from tension improve dramatically with Alan's Performance Somatics approach. There is no limit to improvement!



The institute is a mixture of piano lessons, Feldenkrais lessons and lectures on piano technique from the Piano Somatics viewpoint. On Monday morning we come together over coffee to meet each other and discuss our goals for the week. Coffee and donuts at 8:30 Monday morning, opening session at 9.

Although the full institute runs for 6 days, partial attendance is completely acceptable. You are also not obliged to take the maximum number of lessons. See the registration procedure for instructions on how to tailor-make your participation to your own needs.

9:00-11:15 3 lessons
11:15-12:30 Group Awareness Through Movement (ATM)™ lesson
(If possible, please bring your own yoga mat or blanket for this class.)
12:30-14:30 Lunch
14:30-16:00 2 lessons
16:00-16:45 Seminar & Group Awareness Through Piano Movement (ATPM)™ lesson
16:45-18:15 2 lessons
18:15... Evening meal & chill out time

The seminar-ATPM format is new. Alan will begin by lecturing on a topic, then field some questions about the material, and then create an Awareness Through Piano Movement lesson that grows out of that lecture's focus.

Plenty of ATM space

You are free to attend the entire day or take a break from watching the lessons, to rest, or to do a little bit of practicing. Each entire session is recorded and offered to you free of charge for future reference.

20:00 - Participant Recital (Optional Participation)... and party!
Tuesday 8:30 - Informal meetup, registration confirmation, coffee; introductory session.
9:45 - Daily Schedule
15:30 - Seminar: Update on hand structure & function as applied to music performance.
Wednesday 9:00 - Daily Schedule
15:30 - Seminar: How can that pesky thumb give 100%? When it relates functionally to the whole.
Thursday 9:00 - Daily Schedule
15:30 - Seminar: Rotation - as does the pelvis in walking, so does the wrist in playing.
Friday 9:00 - Daily Schedule
15:30 - Seminar: Rethinking a weighted touch in the light of skeletal mechanics and orchestration.
Saturday 9:00 - Daily Schedule
15:30 - Seminar: Shaping phrases with the arm is our ultimate tool for higher musicianship.
Sunday 9:00 - Daily Schedule
15:30 - Seminar: Using the physical-musical relationship to solve specific technical trouble spots
                 and to develop the playing of younger pupils.

18:00 Closing session

The question period in each seminar is a chance to take the discussion in a whole new direction. For instance, the conversation could veer towards one of the topics below, covered in a past institute. Which of these topics is of special concern to you? Make note of it, and make sure you bring it up with Alan in a seminar.

Hand Structure & Function The Celestial Hand Arch - The Voice of the Piano
Weight Technique Arm Weight, the Anti-Gravity Function, Elasticity and Biotensegrity Update
The Thumb I Pass And Do Not Pass The Thumb Under: It's Complicated!
Rotation Rotation at the Micro and Macro Levels
Musicianship & Technique Physical Strategies to Enhance Phrase, Polyphony & Orchestration
Feldenkrais & Piano Expressively Directed Micro-Timing: A New Musical Aesthetic
Pianimals Use The Pianimals Exercises & Compositions in your Teaching and your Playing
Q & A Which Aspects of Piano Somatics Intrigue You... Frustrate You... Mystify You... Satisfy You?




The Music School is located at
Linprunstraße 35 / Rgb

D–80335 München
T 089 / 12 00 12 02,
due south of the Olympic Stadium and due west of the English Garden, Munich's central park.

School Entrance



There are plenty of hotels in the area, and we also recommend airbnb.


No shortage of excellent restaurants in Munich. We will probably all eat at the Trattoria San Benno, only a two-minute walk from the school.



  • The active participation fee covers a daily individual lesson, daily group ATM and ATPM lessons, daily seminar lectures, and observation of all other lessons.
  • The passive participation fee covers full participation in all activities but with no individual lesson.

Click on your preferred option below to pay by credit card at our retail partner,

Munich Institute one day two days three days four days five days six days
Active Participation $128 $254 $375 $488 $598 $708
Passive Participation $45 $90 $132 $172 $210 $247


To combine active and passive registrations, hit the back button on your browser to add another purchase item to the same payment procedure. For instance, if you want to attend for five days but only have three individual lessons, purchase three Active Participant days and two Passive Participant days for a total of five. At completion of your registration, please return her to fill out the PARTICIPANT QUESTIONNAIRE, indicating which institute you will be attending (Munich), and what days.


Artetonal Schüle für Musik students and staff are welcome to audit all institutes and lessons at no charge, and receive a 35% discount for active participation.

We also offer discounts for senior citizens, students up to 25 years of age, and those in reduced financial circumstances.

For more information, please contact Sophia Cholich and let her know your status. If you qualify for a discount, you will receive a partial refund on your initial payment.

A Lesson
A Lesson



After registering, please return here to fill out the REGISTRATION QUESTIONNAIRE.

After you have completed your institute, please come back to fill out this FOLLOWUP QUESTIONNAIRE. This helps us evaluate your experience, tailor your ongoing regime to facilitate further progress, and fine-tune the structure of future institutes to better meet participants' needs.



We ask that all participants be vaccinated against Covid-19, or that you have proof of a negative Covid-19 test done less than 72 hours before your arrival at the Institute. Please let us know your vaccination status when you register.

Alan Fraser contracted the Corona virus in November 2020. He had only mild symptoms and quickly recovered, and received the Astra-Zeneca vaccine in March and June 2021, and a booster shot in November 2021. Nevertheless, if national Covid-19 restrictions are still in force during the institute, the following measures will be followed for the protection and comfort of all participants:

  • Masks will be worn whenever the 2-metre social distancing rule cannot be followed.
  • Hands must be washed frequently and hand sanitizer will be provided.

A Practice Room




Canadian pianist Alan Fraser gives master classes and recitals worldwide and conducts ongoing research and refinement on the ideas put forth in his books:

He is at work on several new volumes. Visit here for more on Alan Fraser. If you have concerns or questions about your participation in the institute and would like to address them directly to Alan Fraser, send him an email.

If you have concerns or questions about your participation in the institute and would like to address them directly to Alan Fraser, contact him at ontact Alan Fraser


Mario hails from Spain but has lived in Germany for many years. He teaches piano at the Artetonal Schüle für Musik, and has been attending the Alan Fraser Piano Institute since 2012. He is just about to finish his Piano Kinematics accreditation.



For questions about the Institute, please email Mario

Cancellation Policy

If you must cancel your registration, reimbursement will be as follows:
Cancellations more than two months before Institute opening date: 100% reimbursement.
Cancellations more than one month before Institute opening date: 75% reimbursement.
Cancellations more than two weeks before Institute opening date: 50% reimbursement.
Cancellations more than one week before Institute opening date: 25% reimbursement.
Cancellations less than one week before Institute opening date: no reimbursement except in cases of doctor-certified illness or acts of God.
We reserve the right to cancel the institute due to insufficient enrolment; in this event, all registration fees are fully refundable.