Pianimals Pointers


Pianimals Pointers, a group of exercises to advance your pupil's playing skills easily, effectively and quickly.

   Pianimals Pointers has photos and abbreviated exercises but no music.

Do the exercises well

Pianimals Pointers offers effective, quick solutions to the technical problems that crop up most often in beginning piano lessons. A video transmits the essence of an exercise better than the printed page, so we've created short tutorials for each Pointers chapter. Watch them below, or visit them at this YouTube Playlist.

   Pianimals Pointers Video Introduction

   Basic Exercise: “The Monster” - draw flat fingertips towards heel

   • Variation 1: Floating a loose finger into the key

   • Variation 2: Oppose thumb to fingers; straighten thumb so all of it moves, even the metacarpal

   The Ouranga-Thumb

   • Variation 3: Standing

   • Variation 4: Sliding teaches hand the nice, taut feel somewhere in between limpness and stiffness

   • Variation 5: Poke to exaggerate structural security

   • Variation 6: Transfer the weight from one standing finger to another

   • Variation 7: Rolling hand to move arm laterally

   The loly-poly Sleepy Bear

   • Variation 8: The Fingers Leap as the Legs Leap

   • Variation 9: Lying and rolling – preparation for large leaps

   • Variation 10: Hooking the fingertip

   Even an alligator can have a well-structured hand

   • Variation 11: Flicking fingertip under

   • Variation 12: 5-finger overholding exercise
   A skating sloth is like a sliding bird beak