Jazz at the Institute

Jazz at the Institute

The bulk of institute participants are classical pianists, but a significant number hail from the jazz community. Here are a few pianists "from the other side" who have benefitted from Alan Fraser's approach.


Hanno Beckers has been playing and composing jazz and pop/rock for several decades in Wuppertal, Germany, home of the famous Schwebebahn. He has also taught piano for almost as long, and has been of great assistance in developing Alan Fraser's Pianimals.

Hanno Beckers Trio

Hanno Beckers Combo


Chad Linsley is one of Montreal's pre-eminent jazz pianists, and has been featured on Mike Rudd's Juno Award-winning album, Notes from Montreal as well as on numerous albums by Juno Award-winning singer Ranee Lee. Check out his solo with Ranee at 3:20 - ebullient, dashing and eminently tasteful.

with Ranee Lee

Chad Linsely solo

Johann Emet

Johann attended the 2012 Institute in Stuttgart and made great strides in no time at all.

Johan Emet China Boy

Johan Emet Them There Eyes


Maya Alvanovich studied classical piano with Alan Fraser at the Art Academy of Novi Sad in the mid- 1990's. After completing her studies she launched a career in her own special brand of jazz. She has recorded several albums of her own material with the MayaMisty trio.

MayaMisty Trio at the Belgrade Jazz Festival

MayaMisty Trio - Suddenly Japan