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We have now finalized the dates for this institute! Please send us an email if you would like to register for the next Pianimals Online.

Studio teachers, learn more about these new, effective learning strategies by experiencing them yourself – and remember, Pianimals is not only for kids. This upcoming series of Pianimals Online Institute sessions is your chance to overhaul your own playing as well, giving yourself a pianistic makeover by exploring the ingenious exercises of Pianimals. The hand learns how, sensorially, helping you play better automatically, helping physical and musical improvement go hand in hand. The learning happens at the sensory level, so it stays in the brain – like learning to ride a bike. The process is as easy and as natural as babies taking a year to loll around on the ground before eventually getting up to walk... without ever having thought about "how."

Melt your hand into the keys like Sleepy Bear - afterwards it will stand up nicer!


Free Intro

Are you intrigued but not yet quite convinced? On March 23, 4 weeks before the Institute proper begins, you will also be able to attend a Free Introductory Session.

The free introductory session gives a taste of these new learning strategies, which many of your colleagues would love to know about as well - why not invite them too! Register for this free event Saturday at 6 p.m. European Daylight Time (12 noon EDT in North America, 9 a.m. West Coast)

Pianimals Online Institute Session Structure

Each week of the Institute consists of two parts:

Institute proper: 75-minute Zoom Awareness Through Piano Movement™ (ATPM) lesson

  • A group ATPM lesson based on one section of Pianimals to be done by all participants at the piano. After explaining the rationale behind the lesson, Fraser takes the group through the movement sequences - with microphones muted, all participants can do the exercises in real time. Nobody is left simply watching. Your registration fee covers this group lesson.

Extended institute: three 45-minute individual online lessons:

  • All participants are welcome to remain and observe, free of charge, the individual lessons that follow. After each lesson there will be a short discussion for the whole group. Individual sessions are paid for by the person taking the lesson.

Purchase Past Session Recordings

If you don't want to wait for the next Online Pianimals sessions, you can purchase recordings of past sessions, a complete 8-week set of recordings including all lectures, ATPMs and individual lessons.

Of the five sessions already completed, four are available as recordings. PIANIMALS I has, following the ATPM, the most individual lessons where we see how the Pianimals strategies apply to repertoire situations. Each successive iteration has fewer participants and therefore fewer individual lessons, but of course Alan's teaching is continually evolving: each new institute presents new insights into the strategies, because the materials are so rich; there is so much room for creativity and invention.

When you send us an email, please indicate which of the four iterations of the Institute you would like to buy.

Make a sound as beautiful as... Keith Jarrett's

Why Awareness Through Piano Movement?

Awareness Through Piano Movement (ATPM) lessons bring a Feldenkrais sensory experience to the hand, relating its movements to developmental aspects of piano technique. Devised according to the structure and function of the hand, the exercises tap into to unsuspected neurological sources of capability and musicianship, offering you and eventually your students a "pianistic makeover."

Your hand will be supple and sinuous when it slides like a skating sloth on the keys

All this sophistication is designed to be presented to the pupil in a playful, easy-to-grasp manner, because each Pianimal specializes in one particular movement the hand uses on key. It's a cinch for a youngster to imitate the animal and learn a new technique quickly, easily, naturally. The institute prepares you to offer these movements to your pupils by anchoring them securely in your own experience. The individual lessons that follow help you see how easily the ideas apply to the beginning, intermediate or advanced repertoire.

Only an Oranguthumb plays a banana keyboard!

Participants applying the Piano Somatics strategies to their own technique quickly see how they can be utilized in the teaching studio. At the end of the Institute, participants report feeling sensitized and empowered, and already bringing new insights and a new creative impulse to their teaching. Read some of their comments below.

This online event is the perfect introduction to Pianimals, clarifying the ideas of Piano Somatics and making them easy to apply... and it's a chance for 'old hands' to freshen their knowledge and hone their ability to new levels of perfection.

The weekly sessions are cumulative, but we are open to partial attendance. Register for the entire 8-week course, or pick and choose your sessions from the topic chart below. You may purchase video recordings of the sessions you are unable to attend. Late registrations are also accepted.

Purchase your physical copy of Pianiamals here. If it doesn't arrive on time. don't worry: once you've registered, let us know and we will send you a .pdf copy to help you prepare.

Pianimals Pupil Vol 1
Come let Alionus help you with your piano technique...


Are you hesitant to attend? Feel you are not advanced enough? Not well-enough prepared? Don't worry; Alan welcomes all, no matter what your ability, no matter whether you are currently practicing a program or not. The Institute really is open to all interested pianists:

  • students who wish to improve their sound and agility
  • adult amateurs who wish to feel more in command of the instrument
  • teachers who want new ways of teaching technique to their students
  • professionals who wish to hone their skills to the highest possible level.

There is no limit to improvement!

Let's clear up the coon-fusion about how to stand the hand on key...


Here's what some participants have to say:

"Thanks a lot for the very inspiring sessions of the past few weeks! My playing as well as my teaching have improved a lot and I feel extremely motivated after your lessons.

'No matter what the subject is (the thumb, standing, walking, etc), there’s always an immediate effect on my playing. I experience more control and more ease of playing, more creativity and fun. And last but not least: a better sound!

'Because of the new tools I have fewer technical problems and at the same time I choose different (=better!) fingerings. Moreover the Feldenkrais approach arouses a lot of energy or energetic circulation. I get less tired."

Hans van Ham, the Netherlands

Pianimals Online
An online session

"It´s wonderful to watch the other lessons because it keeps the brain active towards new ideas in one's own repertoire. This way of working seems to be super useful. The classic Phil Cohen exercises mentioned in the group ATPM lesson in my experience are always helpful in finding the feeling of structure when I feel disconected."

Yair Zuluaga Soriano, Mexico City

"Thank you for the very impressive lesson last Saturday. Relaxing my muscles in my forearm is my biggest problem, and I could feel the difference just right now in your lesson. I am also a Feldenkrais student, and this is the kind of experience I really need for relaxing and feeling."

Robert Spaeter, Hamm, Germany

"I had a major revelation yesterday about what you’re doing in particular and what the Feldenkrais Method does in general. You are showing us sensorially what our stability and mobility is. Without both in balance, we don’t have control of our movements. The follow-through from this "aha" moment was huge for me. Thanks."

Francie White, Eugene, Oregon

Sometimes the hand must leap all over the keyboard...


European Time SCHEDULE
17:45-18:00 Zoom Room Open, Meet & Greet
18:00-18:15 Introduction to this week's theme
18:15-19:15 Awareness Through Piano Movement lesson at the piano
19:15-20:00 Individual Repertoire Lesson; Q & A
20:00-20:45 Individual Repertoire Lesson; Q & A
20:45-21:30 Individual Repertoire Lesson; Closing Q & A

Time Zone Adjustment

  • Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Finland: start time 19:00.
  • United Kingdom: start time 17:00.
  • Brazil, Argentina: start time 15:00.
  • N. America East Coast: start time 12:00. (Atlantic Canada 13:00).
  • N. America Central: start time 11:00.
  • N. America Mountain: start time 10:00.
  • N. America Pacific: start time 9:00.

All sessions are recorded so that participants from Australasia may watch without burning the midnight oil.

For the Introductory session on March 23rd, North American participants will have an extra hour of sleep, because the US and Canada will already be on Daylight Savings, whereas Europe "springs forward" only the following day.

... and sometimes it must really leap!


Each Saturday session covers the physical action and musical implications of one Pianimals section:

Free Intro: March 23 2024 Introduction & Floating the Arm
Week 1: April 20 Laying the Hand Down (I)
Week 2: April 27 Clamping the Thumb (II)
Week 3: May 4 Activating the Thumb (II)
Week 4: May 25 Standing on Key (III)
Week 5: June 8 Walking on Key (IV)
Week 6; June 15 Running, Rotating, Leaping (V-VI)
Week 7: June 22 "Internal Leaping," Flexible 8ves (VI-VII)
Week 8: June 29 From Fingertip to Whole Body (VII-VIII)
Stepping Stork
Quit monkeying around; register now for the Pianimals Online Institute!



Purchase Past Session Recordings

We now have a new page with a detailed list of session recordings. If you would like to acquaint yourself with the Pianimals Method and don't want to wait for a new session to be scheduled, purchase any one of five previous sessions, a complete set of recordings including all lectures, ATPMs and individual lessons.

Introductory Session

To let us know your interested in the free introductory session, email Sophia Cholich. Your name will be added to the list of participants and you will receive a Zoom meeting invitation on the Friday before the free Saturday session.

Institute Proper (Pianimals Online Institute 2023 Session, Saturdays

Register for the institute proper in the table below with a secure credit card payment at our retail partner, Stripe.com. To add an individual lesson or lessons, from the shopping cart hit the browser back button twice to return to this page, then add your lesson(s) to the cart. Do the same to add session recordings to your purchase. You can even add books to your purchase without going through another payment procedure by clicking on the main store menu at the upper left hand corner of the browser to view the complete catalogue.

Please use this participant information sheet to advise us of your attendance status, active or passive, for each week you wish to attend. Session recordings are sent to all participants at no extra cost; only purchase them if you cannot attend.

Pianimals Institute one session two sessions three sessions four sessions five sessions six sessions seven sessions eight sessions
Attend Institute $40 $80 $120 $160 $200 $240 $280 $320
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Partial scholarships (somewhat reduced rates) are available to those of limited financial means. If you feel you may qualify for a scholarship, please contact Sophia Cholich to enquire about a discount or partial refund. Sophia can also explain other payment options and answer any questions you may have.

When you fill out the information sheet, be sure to indicate

  • which weeks you will be attending
  • which weeks you would like to take a lesson

Are you intrigued? Come to a Free Introductory Session on Saturday, September 17

The free introductory session gives a taste of these new learning strategies, which many of your colleagues would love to know about as well - why not invite them too! Register for this free event Saturday at 6 p.m. European Daylight Time (12 noon EDT in North America, 9 a.m. West Coast)

Are you just going to hang around or are you going to register?



After registering, please return here to fill out the REGISTRATION QUESTIONNAIRE.

After you have completed your institute, please come back to fill out this FOLLOWUP QUESTIONNAIRE. This helps us evaluate your experience, tailor your ongoing regime to facilitate further progress, and fine-tune the structure of future institutes to better meet participants' needs.




Canadian pianist Alan Fraser gives master classes and recitals worldwide and conducts ongoing research and refinement on the ideas put forth in his books:

He is at work on several new volumes. Visit here for more on Alan Fraser. If you have questions about your participation in the institute and would like to address them directly to Alan Fraser, please feel free to send him an email.

Thumb Troll Tromp
Not everybody can sing... but everybody can improve their piano technique...

Cancellation Policy

If you must cancel your registration, reimbursement will be as follows:
Cancellations more than two months before Institute opening date: 100% reimbursement.
Cancellations more than one month before Institute opening date: 75% reimbursement.
Cancellations more than two weeks before Institute opening date: 50% reimbursement.
Cancellations more than one week before Institute opening date: 25% reimbursement.
Cancellations less than one week before Institute opening date: no reimbursement except in cases of doctor-certified illness or acts of God.
We reserve the right to cancel the institute due to insufficient enrolment; in this event, all registration fees are fully refundable.