The Alan Fraser Piano Institute

No Photocopies

The Alan Fraser Institute is photocopy-free.

Due to music publishing laws, no photocopied music is accepted in the lessons at the Piano Institute. Please bring printed scores or take advantage of a special offer from, your online music-on-demand supplier. will print the finest Urtext or Facsimile editions of any selection of compositions from any composers, and bind them in one convenient music score volume for you. Gone are the days when you either have to cheat by photocopying or lug heavy volumes of Beethoven Sonatas etc. around with you.

Inter-note offers a special discount to Alan Fraser Piano Institute participants. Register at and send an e-mail to using your registration e-mail address and including the following text: "I am a student at the Alan Fraser Piano Institute and would like to receive the disount you offer to participants." You will then receive a 10% discount on all your orders.