Summit Takeaway

Your artistry, your stewardship: take steps towards self-improvement.

Congratulations on attending the Feldenkrais Summit on The Artistry of Self-Care and Creativity for Lifelong Embodied Performance, and thank you especially for watching Alan Fraser's interview. We hope you've appreciated his practical application of Feldenkrais to high level performance, which offers new, effective tools for work on one's artistic self. We can indeed develop a richer, more expressive communication by honing physical aspects of our craft.


Free Takeaway #1: CONSULTATION

To explore these questions further, Alan Fraser is offering Fifty Free Online Consulations of twenty minutes each to those who watched his interview. To enter your name in the raffle for one of these 50 slots, please send us an email.

Use this one-on-one with Alan to discuss your specific performance concerns with him. Together you can formulate a plan of action to bring new ability to your performance universe, be you pianist, instrumentalist, vocalist, actor or dancer. We also invite practitioners working with perfoming artists to enter their names in the raffle.


Free Takeaway #2: BOOK EXCERPT

Alan Fraser has published three books on Feldenkrais & piano technique, as well as Pianimals, the first piano method based on Feldenkrais. He has several new titles in preparation, one of which focuses purely on Feldenkrais:

In addition to the free consultation, we also offer a PDF excerpt from Skeletal Wisdom. Simply click on the link to order your free copy.



The Pianimals Introductory Seminars

Alan Fraser runs several Piano Somatics Online Institutes. One of these is based on Pianimals, his new piano method based on the Feldenkrais Method. This institute runs for 8 weeks with each Saturday session based on one of the eight sections of Pianimals, sections which follow a developmental line. Many teachers find that in preparing themselves to use Pianimals with their pupils, they are giving themselves a "pianistic makeover" at the same time.

The next Pianimals institute begins mid-January, 2022, and there will be several FREE INTRODUCTORY SESSIONS offering you a chance to familiarize yourself with this new approach to piano development. This intro session can also give you a sense of what takes place at a classic Piano Somatics Institute, so why not attend - you may even get picked for a free mini-demo piano lesson! Please click on the link to sign up by email for your free attendance at an intro sesssion - on

Tell us which intro session you wish to attend, and you will receive information about the time and the Zoom link by email several days before the event. The sessions are open to both Europeans and North Americans, starting at 6 p.m. European time which is 12 noon EST. The sessions will be recorded so that those in Australasia can also watch.



Here on the Alan Fraser Piano Institute site you can inform yourself further about Piano Somatics - see the dropdown menu - and if the interview has piqued your curiosity about Feldenkrais and musical performance, you can purchase more materials at our Online Store.